Lloyds Banking Group Join Forces With Gamban

Problem gambling within the UK has become a huge problem, causing potential harm to the gambler and their families. The UKGC have tightened up regulation on gambling within the UK with gambling operators taking further steps to protect their players from harmful problems gambling addiction can cause.


Gamban a self-exclusion, gambling software blocking system have partnered with Lloyds Banking Group, owner of Lloyds, Bank of Scotland and Halifax – customers will now have access to the system. This, in addition to Lloyds Transaction Freeze where customers can block gambling site transactions via their mobile banking app, adds a further layer of protection.Customers will have free access to the software, where they can self-exclude from gambling websites. By blocking transactions and access to gambling sites, customers will have a better chance at tackling their gambling problems.Lloyds Bank are committed in the fight against problem gambling and the protection of its customers. Having worked closely with experts of gambling support, customers of the banking group will have easy access to help and support if needed.


Since the initial integration of Gamban in January 2020, a significant number of people have already chosen to utilise the app for help with blocking transactions and access to thousands of gambling sites.The blocking protection covers iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS devices.Jack Symons, Founder of Gamban said,“ It’s very positive to see forward-thinking banking institutions such as Lloyds Banking Group rise to the challenge of protecting vulnerable customers from gambling addiction through barriers such as spend control and collaboration with market-leading gambling-blocking technology.” As gambling related problems have become more prevalent, more banking institutions have made positive moves to introduce gambling control systems, offering help to the most vulnerable of gamblers.

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