Increase in Self-Exclusion by Online Gamblers Reported by Gamstop

Gamstop has reported an increase in online gamblers resorting to self-exclusion to prevent them from gambling online. As reported in the Guardian, Gamstop saw an increase of 21% during February 2021.


Gamstop’s self-exclusion service allows players to put controls in place to exclude themselves from gambling websites and apps in the UK for a set period of time. The service is free for all UK players who may be experiencing gambling-related problems.To date, Gamstop’s self-exclusion service has around 200,000 signups but saw a huge rise of 326 people signing up on the 22nd February, the biggest increase so far in one day. More and more people are gambling online due to the pandemic and it’s important people have the correct tools to help if they feel their gambling is getting out of control.

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Gamstop continues to spread awareness around gambling-related harm and more so, over the last year has tirelessly campaigned and urged people to sign up if they feel their online gambling or spending is becoming out of control.Chief Executive for Gamstop, Fiona Palmer said, “With the rate of registrations continuing to rise, I would urge anybody putting self-exclusion from online gambling in place through Gamstop to also seek treatment. “Awareness around self-exclusion schemes and blocking software has been increasing throughout the year, and it is important that we continue to spread the message about what help is available to those who need it most.” Although blocking software and self-exclusion services do help towards the prevention of gambling-related harm it’s become increasingly common for people to try and gamble, even after the self-exclusion service is activated. It’s been reported 49,328 out of nearly 200,000 gamblers who have already signed up attempted to gamble online but were unable to.Although Gamstop’s self-exclusion service is not a one-size-fits-all approach, they have become a huge advocate across the industry for the need for responsible gambling services and the protection of vulnerable gamblers, more so over the past year.In comparison to previous years, more women have joined the scheme, around 50,000 are now signed up, which is the highest number since the service began back in 2018.If you or someone you know feels like gambling is becoming more than a bit of fun, please get in touch with Gamstop or other responsible gambling organisations for immediate advice.

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