Incentive Games Develops Two Free-To-Play Games for Bet365

Incentive Games, a highly innovative provider of bespoke games to the iGaming industry has developed two, exclusive free-to-play games for bet365 designed for the Premier League and later to be rolled out in other sports and leagues.

Golden Goals

First up is Golden Goals, players collect football fixtures from Monday to Friday. Each time a player collects four or more goals in a fixture they earn bet credits. If they get 20 or more goals scored across the five days the winnings are greater.

6 Score Challenge

The 6 Score Challenge is a jackpot-style game, where players predict scores to hopefully win a jackpot prize. However, the developer claims the 6 Score Challenge comes with a twist, if a player successfully predicts all six scores they win a significant jackpot prize. There are smaller prizes for guessing three, four, or five predictions correctly.Co-founder of Incentive Games, John Gordon commented on the new games, “It is a pleasure to work with bet365 on these amazing games. We are honoured to be working with such great people who understand the product.“The daily retention game, Golden Goals, is going to be a game changer in the industry. While we have always had great success with our score predictor titles, the 6 Score Challenge is going to be the biggest of its kind in any industry.” Bet365 said, “We are excited to give our customers these innovative titles from Incentive Games.“The data and analytics that goes into creating these games mean that we’re sure users will love them around the world.”

More Prizes

Although the 6 Score Challenge is not a new concept, Sky Bet has something similar, however, bet365’s version allows players to win smaller amounts, £5 for three correct predictions, £50 for four, and £1,000 for 5.

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