Hail Mary Bets Lead To Big Win At Casumo

When you pick up a big win at an online casino, the advice is clear, and always the same, cash out and walk away. There has been many a story of people trying too much, going a step too far, and losing their winning.But a 29-year-old native of Holland, who is as yet still unnamed, decided to forego these logical rules and embark on a winning spree of epic proportions at Casumo, using a little bit of bravery, and a hefty dose of luck.

How did he do it?

The winner had been playing at Casumo since the beginning of 2016, and this day started as any other might. He deposited €200, and started playing.He began with some €3.60 bets on the popular Dead or Alive slot, known for being very much an all or nothing game. And after a few spins, our hero landed very much on the ‘all’ part of that choice, winning a staggering 2,500 times his bet.So, €9,000 in the bank, time to leave, right? That would definitely have been the right choice, but it is not what he did.Instead, he headed away from the video slots, and started betting big on Mega Joker, a three-reel, five payline classic. By the time he had finished, he had turned his €200 deposit into a €20,000 total win.Hail Mary Bets Lead To Big Win At Casumo

What happens next?

Our new favourite winner may have been a risk taker with his betting, but the music producer of 14 years has a much more sensible plan when it comes to spending his winnings, intending to spend the money to update his music studio and get himself a new car.Hail Mary Bets Lead To Big Win At Casumo

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