GVC Invest In Grassroots Sports In A Multi-Million Pound Support Programme

Yesterday, GVC Holdings launched its multi-million investment programme to help with much needed financial support for three English Football leagues The Isthmian, Northern Premier and Southern leagues, collectively ‘The Trident Leagues’.

The Trident Leagues

The Trident Leagues form levels seven and eight in the English football league pyramid which have become null and void for 2019-20. The new initiative titled ‘Pitching In’ will help with financial support and facilitate and encourage community volunteers to pitch in with their free time and effort. Also, GVC staff will have the chance to join a volunteering scheme where they can get involved with local clubs to further strengthen community spirit.The Trident Leagues have suffered badly during the Covid crisis along with sporting organisations across the country. The leagues date back to the nineteenth century and are at the heart of the national game with more than 226 clubs and 15,000 players signed up. These clubs are located in local villages, towns and cities across England and Wales.

Stuart Pearce Becomes Pitching In Ambassador

Stuart Pearce, former England footballing legend has signed up with GVC as the official Pitch In ambassador. Pearce had a fantastic career in the game after signing up with non-league club Wealdstone FC, before signing with Coventry City and then on to Nottingham Forest, Manchester City and West Ham.Pearce said, “ I am delighted to be taking up the role of ambassador for Pitching In, as I’m passionate about the importance of investment in grassroots sports and in developing young talent. I started playing for Wealdstone FC before joining Coventry City so I understand how important funding is to the non-league game. Grassroots football is facing huge challenges at the moment and many are struggling to stay afloat. GVC’s Pitching In investment will help make a big difference to hundreds of clubs and thousands of players across the country.”  


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