Gamcare Calls to Restructure the Safer Gambling Standard

In a significant move aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of responsible gambling measures, GamCare’s board recently announced a comprehensive restructuring of its Safer Gambling Standard. This initiative, recognised as a benchmark for responsible gambling practices, is set to undergo a transformation with a promise to elevate customer protection standards and operational integrity within the gambling industry.The Safer Gambling Standard, established by GamCare, the UK’s leading authority on gambling harm prevention, is a voluntary accreditation scheme that evaluates and acknowledges gambling operators’ commitment to implementing and maintaining high standards of player protection and social responsibility. The restructuring aims to address the evolving needs of the gambling landscape, ensuring the Safer Gambling Standard remains relevant, robust, and reflective of the best practices in harm prevention.

New Measures to be Introduced

Under the new structure, the Safer Gambling Standard will introduce more rigorous assessment criteria, focusing on critical areas such as customer interaction, self-exclusion mechanics, and promoting safer gambling tools. These are all designed to encourage operators to go beyond compliance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in harm prevention measures.Furthermore, the revamped Standard will incorporate a more dynamic and flexible assessment process, allowing for a tailored evaluation of operators based on their specific business models, customer demographics, and technological capabilities. This bespoke approach ensures the Standard can effectively address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by different segments of the gambling industry.GamCare’s decision to restructure the Safer Gambling Standard comes at a crucial time as the gambling sector continues to navigate the complexities of digital transformation and increased regulatory scrutiny. By setting the bar high for responsible gambling practices, the organisation aims to empower operators to meet and exceed regulatory requirements, ultimately enhancing player protection and industry reputation.The announcement has been met with positive feedback from industry stakeholders, who view the restructuring as a proactive step towards a safer gambling environment. Operators are encouraged to engage with the new Standard, leveraging it as a tool to assess and enhance their responsible gambling initiatives.

Aim to Reduce Gambling-Related Harms Further

As the Safer Gambling Standard undergoes a transformation, GamCare remains committed to working closely with operators, regulators, and other industry partners to ensure a smooth transition and successfully implement the revised criteria. The organisation’s efforts underscore its dedication to reducing gambling-related harm and promoting a responsible and sustainable gambling industry.Restructuring the Safer Gambling Standard is crucial in pursuing safer gambling practices. By elevating the criteria for accreditation and adopting a more customised assessment approach, GamCare aims to drive meaningful progress in harm prevention, setting a new benchmark for responsible gambling excellence in the industry.

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