Gambling Operators Scared to Complain Against UKGC, APBGG Investigate

The All-Party Betting and Gaming Group (APBGG) have received concerns from a group of gambling operators claiming they were ‘too scared’ to share their concerns about the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). Due to the nature of the complaints, the APBGG is to open an investigation into the UKGC.It comes after years of complaints against the UK gambling regulator, according to APBGG Co-chair, after many complaints over a number of years the operators felt too scared to air their views in terms of the UKGC acting beyond its powers.

Exceeded Power

The complaints included the UKGC exceeding its powers and breach its own code. The quality of the UKGC came under scrutiny and concluded it was poor and not competent in doing its job. The APBGG launched an investigation into the complaints made against the UKGC at a time when the Gambling Act 2005 is currently under revision.After speaking with various operators, the APBGG made the decision to investigate the UKGC as operators felt they had no way of making complaints other than to the UKGC itself.The UKGC responded by saying the regulator is striving to achieve a fairer, safer, and free from crimes gambling environment. The Commission engages regularly with parliament and groups actively involved in changing gambling regulation within the UK.The APBGG will encourage operators to air their views on the competence of the UKGC. Firstly, operators will be asked if they feel the regulator has overstepped its power, secondly, have breached the Regulators code and third, have the regulator provided poor service, or is unable to deliver its services competently.

Operators Must Speak Up

The deadline for operators to air their complaints is the 31st October 2021, and the APBGG will deliver its inquiry to the Department for Digital, Culture, and Media (DCMS) and be considered in the revision of the Gambling Act 2005. The inquiry will invite the UKGC’s CEO, however, operators must voice their opinions before the deadline, if not enough operators come forward the APBGG will drop the investigation.

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