Gambling Operators Break Rules On Adverts Targeting Under 18s

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have reported five gambling operators have been found guilty of breaking advertising rules that ban them from targeting under 18’s.

Avatar Technology

The ASA have been conducting studies with “Avatars”, created to imitate child-browsing history. Over a period of two weeks, the regulator found 43 gambling operator adverts appeared on children’s websites including YouTube channels.Five operators in particular had been seen to be breaching the UK rules on advertising to children, Redbet, Unibet, PlayOjo, Multilotto and NetEnt’s Vikings Slot were all found targeting under 18’s. No ads from these five brands have appeared on any YouTube channels.

NetEnt’s Vikings Slot

Gambling related ads appeared 151 times across 11 sites that are specifically for children. Almost half of the appearances were from NetEnt’s Vikings Slot, 80% times a gambling ad appeared.Alexander Westrell head of communications for Kindred/Unibet told the Guardian, “ The advert was served by a third party without the control or knowledge of Kindred/Unibet and in breach of the contractual terms in place”.“ The advert was served due to a fault in that third party’s systems and the fault has been addressed. The advert did not lead to under-18 gambling”.The ASA are also looking at the use of Avatars, which imitate child behaviour online, in other areas including adverts targeting fast food and alcohol. They are hoping the new technology can expand monitoring for login sites like Social Media accounts, which at this present time are not covered by the rules. 

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