GambleAware Study Highlights Urgent Need for Enhanced Gambling Ad Regulations in the UK

A recent survey by GambleAware highlighted a strong public demand for stricter regulations on gambling advertisements in the UK. Conducted in collaboration with Ipsos, the survey included responses from over 4,200 adults, revealing significant concerns about the impact of gambling ads on society, particularly on children and vulnerable individuals.

Key findings indicate that 74% of recipients support stricter regulations on gambling advertisements on social media, while 72% advocate for tighter controls on television ads. Additionally, 67% believe there are too many gambling advertisements, and 66% are worried about their influence on children. The opposition to gambling logos on football shirts was also notable, with 61% of participants against such marketing practices.

Impact on Gambling Behaviours

The report underscores the direct impact of gambling advertisements on behaviour. Among those who had gambled in the past year, 24% admitted to gambling after watching a TV advert. This figure rises dramatically to 79% among individuals experiencing gambling-related problems, with over half of this group finding it a challenge to reduce their gambling due to gambling ads.

GambleAware Response

In response to the survey results, GambleAware has proposed several measures to mitigate the risks associated with gambling advertising. These include implementing a pre-watershed ban on gambling advertisements across all media, enforcing health warnings on all ads, and prohibiting gambling sponsorships in sports. Such measures aim to protect children and young people from the normalisation of gambling and associated harms.

GambleAware’s chief executive, Zoë Osmond, emphasised the need for stricter regulations, stating, “Exposure to gambling advertising normalizes gambling and makes it seem like just ‘harmless fun’ without showing the risks of gambling addiction and harm. This is why we have published our new report, to call on the next government to do more to regulate gambling advertising, particularly around sport where children and young people can see it.”

The survey reflects a broader societal concern and a clear mandate for the government to take decisive action in regulating gambling advertisements and creating a safer environment for all, especially the younger generation.

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