Easy Payment Gateway Could Be A Solution For UK Operators After Credit Card Ban

Recently, the UK Gambling Commission announced as of the April 14th 2020, gambling with credit cards in the UK would be banned, sending the industry in to a tailspin. The ban will bring losses to an already unstable UK market after recent changes to gambling legislation, including the reduction of FOBT’s maximum bet from £100 to £2.

Alternative Solutions

The industry have been urged to come up with alternative solutions before the law comes in to force, one of the most effective methods to be considered is the Easy Payment Gateway, payment and fraud management service aggregator. The solution utilises 240 banking methods, which could help in a smoother transition, operators retaining customers and continued growth in the future.The solution is easily integrated into a website and offers development of customer lists known as whitelists. Customers will receive a more fluid user experience, without having to deal with lengthy verification processes.

Help Customer Retention

The more options for making deposits and withdrawal of funds, will increase the possibility of customer conversion and gain loyalty and trust.The new system will be much more intuitive, the more complex a solution, the chance customers will distrust or leave a site. With no navigation through various windows the retention should be much more positive.Alex Capurro, founder of Easy Payment Gateway said,“ The British Government’s decision has already caused losses for large gambling companies. The imminent ban and uncertainty whether debit cards will be affected shows the need to find alternatives.He also mentioned,“ The faster and easier the payment for the client, the more possibility the business will have to make them loyal. Gambling customers tend to be very recurrent. It is essential to facilitate payment.”

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