Czech Company Sazka is looking Hopeful for UK National Lottery Licence

Former Sainsbury’s boss Justin King has hinted Czech Company SAZKA Group a competitor for the licence for the UK National Lottery is a front-runner and the best company to revive the dwindling high street gambling industry in the UK.


The former supermarket boss took on the role of steering the SAZKA Group, which runs lotteries in Greece, Austria, and the Czech Republic towards winning the UK Lottery license which is expected to be decided by the UK Gambling Commission towards the end of 2021.King said in a previous interview with the Evening Standard back in January, “Getting people back to their local high street post-covid-19 requires fresh thinking, an innovative approach, and recognition that the National Lottery can play an integral role in that recovery. I’m teaming up with the SAZKA Group to make the National Lottery better. “We need to revitalise this precious institution by bringing back those customers that have stopped playing while making it relevant and exciting for new audiences too. A vibrant and growing lottery is the only guarantee more funding for good causes.”

UKGC Decision

The UK National Lottery licence is currently held by Camelot, the deciding factor, if they are to continue or another company take over the reins, will be the sole decision of the UKGC.Mr. King had said he had every faith in the SAZKA Group and would not have been advising the company if he didn’t think they were in with a strong chance. He believes a new company at the helm would breathe new life into the current UK National Lottery and this is something the UKGC are keen to see.

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