Casinos In England Finally Get The Go Ahead To Reopen Tomorrow

Finally, after closing their doors in March, UK casinos have been given the go ahead to reopen tomorrow, 15th August 2020. The initial opening date was planned for 1st August but in an unexpected U-turn the day before, PM Boris Johnson put the brakes on casinos reopening until at least the 15th.

Green Light To Reopen

The UK government have finally given the green light for casinos along with other businesses in the sector to reopen this weekend, a welcome relief on the ‘belated’ opening by the Betting and Gaming Council.Michael Dugher, chief executive released a statement saying it was a ‘welcomed relief’ for the industry and the 12,000 employees in the sector. “ Given casinos had been cleared by Public Health England as safe to reopen and given the strong support of DCMS, who have been steadfast throughout, it was lamentable that our safe businesses had to suffer hurt and expense with further pointless two week delay.“ Casinos are not yet out of the woods though. The last five months will be particularly crucial to the recovery as the tourism, leisure and hospitality sector slowly gets back on its feet.”

Hopes For Scotland And Wales

The BGC called on the government earlier this week for an extension to its job retention scheme for the sector to try to offset incurred costs due to the delay in reopening. He voiced concerns the UK could potentially lose part of its rich tourism and entertainment industry.He also urged Scotland and Welsh Governments to follow in the footsteps of the UK and also, ‘ stay true to its stated commitment’ to the scheduled reopening towards the end of August.

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