Camelot Adds QR Codes To UK National Lottery Tickets

Camelot, the operator of the UK National Lottery, has announced that it will be adding Quick Response Code, which are more often referred to as QR scanning codes to National Lottery tickets.

Immediate checking

The new service will allow players to immediately check their lottery tickets by scanning the QR code into their mobile device.Camelot explained that they are making final amendments to its QR scanning product, which would be available on the mobile platform.The QR codes will be added to draw based game tickets, as well as its conglomerate opposition, Euromillions, Hotpicks, and Thunderball.Camelot Adds QR Codes To UK National Lottery Tickets

Digital Product Inventory

Camelot’s digital services revenues have been strong for 2015, hitting the £3 billion revenue mark with its GameStore instant-play and the company is looking to continue this by focusing on improving its digital product inventory once the QR codes are finalised.In an interview with SBC news, Tim Copper, Digital Director of Camelot said that the addition of QR codes came as a result of customer feedback with regards to the company’s mobile product.He added that the QR Code additions would coincide with a reasonable UK marketing campaign.

How QR Scanning Codes Work

A QR Code is a small block of unique black and white squares which can be read by mobile and tablet devices that have an image sensor, which is then translated by a system processor.In terms of the National Lottery, players will be able to scan their QR Code and find out immediately if, and how much they have won.

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