BGC Urges Scotland and Wales To Give Clear Date On Casinos Opening

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) have requested the Scottish and Welsh governments to give more clarity as to when casinos can reopen, as concerned rises for employees and business owners.In England, casinos up and down the country are able to re-open their doors on the 1st August, but as yet, the Scottish and Welsh governments have not given a clear date as yet.The BGC are highly concerned of the consequences of not reopening on the 1st August and fear some could close for good with hundreds of job losses. UK Casinos employ over 14,000 staff members and contribute £300 million to the Treasury each year.

Safety Measures In Place

Casinos across the country have adhered to strict safety guidelines issued by the government to make all venues ‘Covid secure’, installing hand sanitiser stations throughout, Perspex screens, track and trace systems and adopted strict social distancing measures to keep their visitors safe.The BGC have issued a statement, “It is now time for the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales to follow the example of their English counterparts by letting casinos re-open.“ It is now time for ministers in Edinburgh and Cardiff to end the uncertainty which still faces 2,000 casino staff in Scotland and Wales by giving them a date for re-opening. Businesses need clarity and so far this has been lacking from both administrations. We urge them to work with casinos to allow to re-open safely.”

Protecting Casinos

During the lockdown, the BGC have worked tirelessly on behalf of casinos across the UK, Scotland and Wales. In Scotland, betting shops were able to re-open their doors on the 24th June but with heavy restrictions implemented by Nicola Sturgeon, these included machines switched off, removal of chairs and no TV for live betting. The Scottish government came under fire from the BGC, since the re-opening of betting shops, profits drastically fell by 95%. The Scottish government has now revised its restrictions and are now more in line with England.

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