Bet365 overhauls its site to make it more user friendly

Santa seems to have stopped by Bet365 on his travels this Christmas, as the online gaming and gambling giant has recently unveiled a brand new makeover to their games domain. Several high profile changes have been made to make Bet365 Games more user friendly.

Mobile, Laptop And Desktop Friendly

Amongst the new changes you will find at the site is a fully responsive portal, being fully compatible with both mobile devices, as well as those players using desktop and laptop systems. The games domain also has a new search function. This will allow players to quickly search for the games they wish to play, simply by typing it into the search box.As well as those, Bet365 Games have also including metric dropdowns to their homepage. These will permit players to have a peek at the top rated, most played, top jackpot, or new games hosted at Bet365 Games. Players will also be able to see similar games to ones they have played with this new feature.

Stats Centre

Another addition is the stats centre. It is now possible for users to see how many times a game has been played, as well as the rating of the game by users at the gambling portal.It is thought that these changes will make Bet365 Games much more user friendly, efficient, and more in-line with the other universal friendly domains run by Bet365. The extensive range of games you can now play at Bet365 includes over 600 titles, which is vastly more than you can find at many other top online casino and gaming domains.The new changes take effect immediately, and can be noticed as soon as you log in to your Bet365 account, and head on over to Bet365 Games this winter and New Year.Bet365 overhauls its site to make it more user friendly   

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