A New, Foxless Look for Foxy Casino

If you’ve been near a television in the last few months, you are likely to be more than aware of the new Foxy Casino and Foxy Bingo ad campaign which has revealed the secret identity of the Northern English sounding male fox mascot that has represented the company for some time, and it’s American actress Heather Graham!It transpires that this unexpected twist was the start of a design overhaul at Foxy, which has entirely got rid of the fox, which, let’s face it, was a little annoying, and instead Ms Graham is now the mascot of the Foxy Casino and Foxy Bingo sites.A New, Foxless Look for Foxy Casino

A touch of Hollywood

Foxy has enjoyed immense popularity amongst players over many years, but with the rapid growth of the iGaming industry that shows no sign of slowing down, success in the past doesn’t guarantee success in the future, and Foxy has clearly taken this into consideration, and found a way to stand out even more.The fox mascot did what was necessary for a while, but brand identity is strong with Foxy now, and they no longer need such an on the nose mascot to represent them.As soon as that was true, Foxy clearly made the decision to bring a little glamour to the situation by bringing the beautiful and talented Heather Graham in as the new face of the brand.A New, Foxless Look for Foxy Casino

What does this mean for Foxy?

The Foxy sites still have the collection of top quality games that have made them popular for so long, and the selection of top quality promotions that goes with them.All that’s changed is a more glamorous look, which certainly makes players take notice of Foxy, and, one assumes, there will be some excellent new promotions coming to match the new look!

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