How To Choose A Casino Bonus

Casinos are brimming with offers of bonuses and promotions, designed to entice people to sign up to a site, make deposits and start playing games. At an initial glance, these promotions and bonuses may look incredible, with the lure of free spins, free plays and even free money. Though before you zealously agree to sign up, make a deposit and start playing away, it’s important to realise the full implications of casino bonuses and promotions.When deciding which casino bonuses you like the look of and could be the one for you, ideally you should consider the following:

Do you need the offer?

Broadly speaking, you should refrain from opting for a bonus just because it’s there. Doing so could result in you being left with a bonus which is only available on certain games which you don’t play and have no intention of playing. In order to cash out the bonus you have to play these games and meet the requirements, so if you’re not interested in playing them, this bonus could be rendered useless.

Read the ‘small print’

Small print, terms and conditions, stipulations, call it what you want! It might be boring but it would pay in the long-term to read the small print attached to the different bonuses and promotions. Many bonuses require pretty specific wagering requirements to be met, such as a certain amount of games to be played within a set time-frame before any bonus money can be cashed out. To avoid disappointment, it pays to read the small print.

Think of your own objectives

Before you commit to a casino bonus, think of your own goals and what you’re playing for. Is it for fun? Is it to win the jackpot? Is it to idle time away? And, most importantly, will a specific bonus help you reach your casino playing goals?

Most common casino bonuses in existence

Two of the most common casino bonuses are free spin bonuses and deposit bonuses. With the free spin bonus, players have the opportunity to win money without having to make a deposit. These types of bonuses are usually available on many of the most popular slots. Free spin bonuses provide a great opportunity for players to become acquainted with a site and some of its games without having to commit to putting down any funds. They can still enjoy the thrill of playing and having the opportunity to win for real money.However, players should be aware that if they do end up winning whilst playing with free slots, they are likely to have to meet certain wagering requirements before they are able to withdraw their winning funds.With a deposit bonus players are given a percentage of the deposit back to them by the casino, although again players should be aware that more often than not, pretty hefty wagering requirements are attached to these types of bonuses, meaning they are often not so ultra-desirable and simple as they may initially look. 

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