Guide To Boku

There is an increasing number of payment methods for online casino players, which is good on one side, because choice is also nice, but also means it is becoming more difficult to find the right method for you.Many new payment methods have arrived and caused confusion for some players, one of which is Boku.So, what is exactly is Boku and how does it work? We are here with another of our handy guides to tell you everything you need to know.

What is Boku?

While it may have become more apparent at online casinos in recent years, Boku is actually a long standing payment method, having been founded way back in 2003.The way Boku works is, in essence, simple, it allows you to make payments to your favourite online casino directly through your mobile device.For contract customers, the money spent will be taken out of your monthly phone bill, while pay as you go customers will only be able to deposit if you have credit on their phone.

What are the Benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of Boku, and the perk that catapulted the method into the mainstream, is the lack of personal information that must be given in order for money to be deposited.While many payment methods involve giving over many personal details, in the case of Boku, all that is given is the customer’s phone number.Add to that the ease of being able to deposit straight from your phone into your online casino account, and the fact that any deposit you make is immediately available, and you start to see why Boku enjoys the level of popularity that it does.

The Downside

There is one big downside to Boku payments, and that is that Boku is exclusively a method for depositing, players cannot withdraw their winnings using this method, because it would only be added to their phone bill, and that would cause far too much confusion.While this may be an annoyance, it doesn’t take too much away from how useful Boku is as a payment method.


The most important factor to many players when it comes to payment methods is the safety and security of their money, and this is another place that Boku shines.Every time you deposit money using Boku, you will receive a text message in order to confirm it is you making the deposit, so others with your phone number cannot make payments.If your payment is not authenticated, it will be cancelled and returned to you, while a 100% secure guarantee comes from Boku to ensure that your money will be kept safe at all times.If there are any issues with Boku payments, you will be able to discuss them via e-mail with Boku’s well-reputed customer support team will be happy, while the FAQ page will cover most of the questions you have.Boku is flying forward in terms of popularity, and the more mobile focused the online casino world becomes, the more success we can expect from Boku.

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