A Guide To Online Lotteries

Lottery play has been one of the most popular forms of gambling for some time now, and more recently, the world of online lotteries has come to life and found huge success.Working in a different way to a conventional lottery, online lotteries allow for players to win jackpots from lotteries that are not in their jurisdiction.

How Do Online Lotteries Work?

Unlike land-based lottery play, where you visit your local shop and pick up a ticket for a lottery within your jurisdiction (Lotto in the UK or Powerball in the US, for example), online lotteries offer a different approach.Instead of buying a ticket for the lottery game direct, you instead bet on the outcome for prizes.This means that you can play a lottery from anywhere in the world, as long as online lottery play is legal in your jurisdiction, because you are not involving yourself directly with the lottery game, instead wagering on the outcome with a third party.It is also possible to buy tickets by proxy, which essentially means that for an increased price, you can get a ticket bought for you, but this is becoming rarer as an option due to lesser popularity.Once you have registered with an online lottery site, you are able to enter as many draws as you like from the selection, which will tend to include lotteries of various sizes from around the world.Of course, the lotteries themselves also have websites you can enter on, but they will fall under the laws of their jurisdiction, and only offer lotteries from that particular provider.


While the payouts are often substantially less with online lottery play that involves betting on the lottery instead of playing it, your odds of winning are far higher.Fixed odds mean that there is no concern about splitting prize money either, if you guess a set number of balls correctly, you win a fixed amount.

Regional lotteries

National lottery games are not the only available options at online lottery sites, there are also regional lotteries that offer lower jackpots, but also increased chances of winning.These lotteries also have sites of their own, in fact, this is the only option in the US, which only offers state-run lotteries, although the largest are playable around the world.

Safety and Security

One of the most important questions to ask before engaging in gambling of any form, especially online, is “is it safe?”.Regulations for sites offering play for a specific lottery are the same as buying a ticket from a shop, while sites offering betting on multiple lotteries will be licensed by the regulator of the jurisdiction they are based in, and in many cases, such as the UK, by the regulator of a country they offer their services in.Online lottery play is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s unlikely to be too long before this style of play becomes the norm for lottery players, who can play and win from the comfort of their own home.

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