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Three Card Poker

Traditionally a five-card game, a new type of poker using just three cards has been climbing the popularity scale recently.

What is three-card poker?

As with most card games, there are different ways to play three-card poker. The two most used versions are Ante and Pair Plus. You choose which way you want to play at the start of the game and once you’ve made your decision you’ll be dealt your cards. If you’ve opted to play the Ante version then you’ll have to choose whether to raise or fold. If you fold then you will automatically lose your wager. If you raise then you’ll be required to place another bet and the dealer will reveal their hand. If the dealer does not have a queen high hand or better then you’ll win the bet. If the dealer’s hand does meet the criteria then you’ll compare hands and the highest one wins. You’ll automatically win if you draw a straight hand or higher and you’ve placed an Ante bet. If you choose the Pair Plus option then your bet is on the quality of the hand you’re dealt, regardless of what the dealer may have.


Variations of three-card poker are available at many casinos. While the base game usually remains the same, there are added incentives and ways to win such as a Mini Royal line, where you have an Ace, King and Queen suit, or Prime, where you’ll receive a payout if all three of your cards are the same colour. Bear in mind that all casinos have their own rules of the game so it’s worth taking the time to become familiar with them before playing.Most casinos offer both Ante and Pair Plus forms of three-card poker, however, in some place only the Ante version will be offered. Three-card poker is a highly enjoyable take on the game and has become particularly popular on online casinos.

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Three Card Poker Slot Details

Type of Game
Scatter Bonus No
Bonus Rounds No
Wild Symbols No
Maximum wager (per line) 0
Maximum Jackpot 0
Progressive Jackpot No
Free Spins No

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