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A Flight of Fortune

Crazy Tooth Studios is known for developing slot games that push boundaries. Its latest release, A Flight of Fortune, features a 20-symbol grid with coin symbols with prizes attached and special symbols.

Played on 5 reels, wins are formed when birds carrying opening and closing brackets fly between the symbols. If the bracket closes on the same row or rows between one or more symbols, you win. Bets range between 25p and £30 a spin, and the max win is capped at 8,000x the bet. RTP has an average of 96.03%, and the volatility is high, so you’ll see fewer frequent wins but more lucrative ones when they occur.

The graphics are excellent, boasting vibrant foliage, flowers, and trees. Behind the reels sit the ruins of an old building. The three jackpot prizes—the Mini, Minor, and Major—hang from the vines to the left of the reels.

On first appearance, A Flight of Fortune resembles your everyday slot. However, it incorporates a unique Coin Verge mechanic, where open and closed brackets appear between the coins and special symbols on the grid. You get a win if an open and closing bracket is next to one or more symbols. This can happen in multiple areas of the grid on a single spin; all coins in these areas are paid out.

On the grid, the lower-paying coins are worth 0.06x. Medium-value coins award 0.72%; the highest-paying coins pay between 3.6% and 600x the bet. Additional special symbols include Passive symbols, Multiplier coins, Upgrade coins, Collect coins, Respin coins, and Jungle prize symbols.

A Flight of Fortune Features

First up, let’s look at the different types of brackets and what they do:

1 high opening bracket and 1 high closing bracket is represented by the toucan, appearing in columns only it creates collection areas when they match.

2 high opening brackets and 2 high closing brackets is represented by the budgie, they appear if different columns and when matched they create collection areas.

The flamingos represent 3 high opening brackets and 3 high closing brackets, which appear in specific columns and, when matched, create collection areas.

Leaves are the Passive symbols that appear on the grid but do not create collection areas.

If multiplier coins appear in collection areas, they increase prizes by 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.

The Collect coins add the values of coins in a column or the entire grid to the active collection area.

Respin coins award 2 to 5 respins

Jungle Prize overlay symbols, represented by a burning sphere, can land on top of another symbol. They have no value, but three landing on a spin triggers the Jungle Prize feature.

If three Jungle Prize Overlay symbols land in an active area, the prizes available are:

Mini – 10.26x to 38.46x

Minor – 35.4x to 134.46x

Major – 129.42x to 485.64x

Respins Feature

In an active area, if one or more respin symbols appear, up to 8 respins are awarded. All coins in the area are paid, and new coins replace them during the respins.

If you’re searching for a unique slot game, Crazy Tooth Studios’ A Flight of Fortune will have you scratching your head. While the unconventional gameplay may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we believe that once you become familiar with how this one-of-a-kind slot operates, it will provide a refreshing change of pace in the world of slot gaming.





A Flight of Fortune Screenshots

A Flight of Fortune Slot Details

Type of Game
Theme Tropical Birds
Reels Array
Scatter Bonus No
Bonus Rounds Yes
Wild Symbols No
Maximum wager (per line) 30
Maximum Jackpot 8000
Progressive Jackpot No
Free Spins Yes
RTP 96.03%

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