Slot Loyalty Schemes

Anyone who has played games on a casino or gaming website or has played at a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino will have likely to have ran into the concept of slot loyalty schemes. Whether you play at a land-based or online casino, these loyalty schemes are consistent, they promote the idea of a player being ‘loyal’ to their casino, which typically equates to the player making more deposits and providing a specific casino with more money.The most common game to have loyalty schemes attached is slots. Points are rewarded based on the wagers slots players make. Certain electronic games and video poker can also offer loyalty reward schemes but slots is by far the most common.VIP rewards and programmes are a common feature of online casinos. Similar to a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino, players have the option whether to join a VIP programme or not.

What do loyalty points involve?

There is essentially two features involved with loyalty points – In exchange for ‘rewards’, usually in the guise of free bets and games, casinos are rewarded with a player’s ‘loyalty’.However, with the time, money and effort you’ve pumped into a casino, no doubt you will deserve to be rewarded with some free spins and plays.The loyalty points system is pretty simple and involves a player having to get to a certain amount of points and which they are able to ‘cash in’ their points for something lucrative, such as, for example, £10 of free bets in exchange for 1,000 loyalty points.The general idea is to get players to play a greater volume of games, as the more slots they participate in and spins they make, the more points they will earn and therefore the more rewards they will be entitled to.

What do VIP clubs involve?

Put simply, VIP clubs are just an exaggerated example of the loyalty rewards system.Whilst the features and criteria of VIP clubs tends to vary from casino to casino, the general idea is the same, VIP clubs offer more enticing rewards for players but the rules and terms and conditions are often stricter and have greater criteria attached to them.It is not uncommon for VIP schemes to exclude specific games from being entitled to accrue any points and therefore rewards. More often than not, these games tend to be the ones that offer players the best house odds. It is because of reasons like these that it is advisable to always read the terms and conditions of any loyalty rewards system and VIP club prior to committing to the programme.

Are there any other types of loyalty schemes available?

In some instances, loyalty schemes are carried out on a game automatically and accrue points and rewards without requiring any action on behalf of the player. Such schemes are perfect for players who prefer not to put any effort into working out their points and chasing rewards.Other schemes are likely to have access requirements, objectives a player is required to meet before they are able to participate in earning lucrative rewards.

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