Different Types Of Slots

Whether it’s online casinos or land-based ones, slot games come in all shapes and forms, giving slots enthusiasts plenty of choice. If you fancy your luck against a slots machine, take a look at some of the different types of slots available.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are an all but inherent part of casinos, both online and land-based ones. This common type of slots involves a percentage of each bet being put into the pool of a progressive jackpot. The percentage of the bet put in the pool diverges between different casinos but it can be as much as 15 percent taken from every bet. The jackpot increases until one lucky winner finally wins it.It is common for a player to have to bet the maximum amount of coins on a slots machine in order to be in with a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. If players reach other winning symbol combinations, due to a percentage of the bet going towards the progressive jackpot, pay-outs can be less compared to when playing other types of slots.

Three Reel Classic

This refers to the original slots machine, which had just three reels. Despite having just three reels, plenty of combinations can be won, and whilst these types of machines are being surpassed by modern technology, some bricks and mortar casinos cling onto them for nostalgic reasons.

Five reel video

Not so long ago the five reel video slots machine was considered the latest thing in slots. With two extra reels, more symbols and combinations can be generated. As players effectively bet on a higher number of paylines, pay-outs tend to increase with five reel video slot machines.


This type of slot machine refers to the pay-out being multiplied depending on how many coins a player bet on the machine.

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