Deposit Bonuses

The world of online casinos are awash with deposit bonuses, designed primarily as a way of enticing people to sign up to a casino site and start making deposits. A deposit bonus is centred on a percentage of the deposit amount a player makes being transferred into their account to enable them to play more games. The percentage is typically 100 percent of the amount deposited, though it can often be higher. Naturally, in order to be entitled to a deposit bonus, players are required to make a deposit into the casino site.

Receiving a deposit bonus

Sometimes referred to as a ‘match up bonus’, a deposit bonus works by a player making a deposit into their online casino account. As soon as the deposit has been received by the casino, the amount of bonus will be calculated automatically. The percentage will depend on the amount offered by that particular deposit bonus deal.Whilst deposit bonuses vary tremendously from online casino to online casino, they all share one common goal, to attract people to sign up, make deposits and start playing games!As well as offering a varying amount in terms of the percentage of the deposit bonus offered, online casinos also differ with regards to the rules and terms and conditions surrounding the deposit bonus, such as wagering requirements.

Welcome bonuses

One of the most common types of deposit bonuses is known as the Welcome Bonus, which involves players being rewarded with a bonus when they first become a member of a casino site and make their first deposit.

So what exactly is involved with the deposit bonus?

Regardless of the terms and conditions, deposit bonuses, in their various guises, work in essentially the same way – players make a deposit into their account and they get some free cash to play with, courtesy of the online casino.For example, if a site was offering a 100 percent deposit bonus, and a player was to make a deposit of £100 into their account, they would be rewarded with a 100 percent deposit bonus to match the amount they deposited, leaving them with £200 to play with.Depending on the stipulations of the casino you are playing on, deposit bonuses can be credited in a number of ways. Some will make the credit directly into your account, whilst others have a separate bonus deposit wallet, which runs alongside a player’s principle account.

What are the benefits of deposit bonuses?

The fundamental benefit of these types of offers is that players have a larger pool of money to play around with and consequently have a greater chance of winning.

Are there any drawbacks?

Wagering requirements could potentially be drawbacks, as players will need to fulfil specific specifications prior to being able to withdraw any money they may have won via a deposit bonus. This could mean they are forced to keep playing a specific game for a required period until they are able to make a withdrawal and enjoy their winnings.

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