Casino Bonuses Explained

If there’s one thing you’ll notice when searching various casino sites, it’s the wealth of bonuses offered, designed to entice casino enthusiasts to sign up, make a deposit and start playing on the different sites. In fact the amount of casino bonuses offered can leave you with dizzy with an overload of information and unsure which bonus provides the best options and the best deals for players.If you do feel unsure about what casino bonuses are, fortunately you are in the right place, as this article explains what casino bonuses are.

Why do online casinos offer ‘free money’ for players?

Unlike land-based casinos, which have much larger overheads than their online counterparts, thus online casinos are in a much easier position to give away ‘free money’ to players. Furthermore, due to the intense competition amongst casino sites operating online, sites have to offer lucrative bonuses and deals to encourage players to sign up, in order to remain competitive.

Wagering requirements explained

As a means of protecting bonuses they offer and money they give away, casino sites rely on wagering restrictions and requirements. Typically, a wagering requirement is displayed with a number, followed by the letter ‘x’, which refers to the amount of times a player has to make a stake or bet their bonus amount, deposit amount or both the deposit and bonus amounts together, before the bonus becomes available to withdraw as cash.

Bonuses that are cashable

Casino bonuses falls into a number of different categories, one of which is ‘cashable bonuses’. As its name suggests, cashable bonuses refer to bonuses that are able to be withdrawn as cash. However, in order to a bonus to become ‘cashable’, players must have met the specified wagering requirements on the games that are linked to cashable bonuses. It is therefore vital that players read the ‘small print’ and the terms and conditions in detail before committing to a particular game to ensure they are familiar with the rules involving cashable bonuses.

The Sticky Type I bonus

With a Sticky Type I bonus, players can collect all the winnings generated from the bonus as soon as they make a withdrawal from the online casino they are playing on.

The Sticky Type II Bonus

The Sticky Type II Bonus is essentially the same as the Sticky Type I Bonus but with one significant difference, the II Bonus will not be removed if the player goes on to make a withdrawal. The bonus can still be used to for wagering requirements and players are still able to use the amount the bonus equates to in order to play on games and increase their chances of winning. In this sense, a Type II Bonus is often regarded as more attractive than a Sticky Type I Bonus.When it comes to the different bonuses offered on online casinos, the best practice is to read the small print carefully and ensure you are familiar with the wagering requirements and specifications of the various bonuses offered to avoid disappointment.

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